Friday, 24 July 2020

BurnerBits App: Quick Fun Tech, India’s First Edutainment App

BurnerBits App: Quick Fun Tech, India’s First Edutainment App

BurnerBits App: Quick Fun Tech, India’s First Edutainment App

BurnerBits App, India's first edutainment app free to use and download. Made in India app that shows you quick tech news & tips with entertainment. This app is designed by Tech Burner team for tech education with entertainment. This application will help you to get quick tech news, tips and updates for free by creating a free account.

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BurnerBits App

This app is developed by Sholk Shrivastava (Tech Burner) and his team. It was published on Google Play store after India's ban total 59 Chinese apps. This app is totally designed and developed in India by an Indian Tech YouTuber TechBurner, TechBurner is an Indian YouTube Influencer who always tries to provide tech news with entertainment. So, that's the reason behind the app, Shlok is known for entertainment and tech, it's the reason for what BurnerBits app is also known, They build an app that provides technology news including tech updates, mobile release, information and bit entertainment. BurnerBits app is the first edutainment Indian app where you can create a profile and also share tech news. They just developed an app to get quick tech news, they provide 50 plus and less than 70 words article that in your time. It also helps to get more tech news in less time, using Quick Bits you'll see tech news in images like XYZ007 mobile launched today with the price RS 10000. The app is more than that we can explain here because it also includes unseen features and a great idea behind the app. BurnerBits aims to get you the best of tech in an incisive manner. Get all the latest technology news summarized in your palms in a single app. This app supports two languages Hindi and English for the own people of the country. It provides as well as "Short & Quick" Bits that includes Techy Images and short less than 70 words articles.

BurnerBits Features

BurnerBits, India's first edutainment app has lots of features that are too good compared with other techy apps. It's not just an Educational news app, it's an edutainment app. Below there we've provided you with the features of this app:-

  • India's First Edutainment App
  • Short and Quick Bits
  • Available in both Hindi and English
  • Time Saving Content
  • Free To Download and Use
  • Build your own profile
  • Medals and Community
  • Clean and Minimal UI
  • Various Categories
  • FavoriteBits
  • Sources for further reading
  • Integration with Future Plans
  • Badges for active members
  • Unique User Profiles
  • User Contribution
  • Reliable and Original News
  • Share News
BurnerBits contains more features than the above list. More features may come in the future updates, and we'll also keep you updating.

If you're a techy guy and if you love to keep scrolling with tech news feed then absolutely it will be the best option for you and remember it consumes data or charges your balance.

This app contains lovely and useful tech news that will also entertain you sometimes. This app is easy to use, and you've also permission to share tech news among the BurnerBit's members. The whole app is like a friend circle where you can share also and receive also from trustable sources. This app is totally worth it and deserves ur recommendation for you to download and install BurnerBits on your android devices.

BurnerBits App Download Overview

This app is totally techy, and it's also India's first edutainment app that keeps you educating about tech. And the download link is the latest update download link. By clicking this link, you'll be able to download BurnerBits app for android.

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