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Ludo king app download - The best ludo game for android

Ludo king app download - The best ludo game for android

Ludo king app download - The best ludo game for android

Ludo king app download: Ludo king app is inspired by classical board game played with family and friends by throwing the dice and played with the number's that results on dice. Different people create their own rules during their old styles used for playing this game. Ludo king recalls your childhood memories.

The app size is just 44 MB and has more than 100 million downloads. The app was developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd and rated 4.0 in the google play store. The app was developed by an Indian company.


Ludo king app is an amazing app with different modes for different players For the single players there is a local player vs computer match in which computer and the player compete with each other, for two players there is a dual game mode two local vs computer in which two computers competition with two real players, for four players there is a man vs man mode where four different players compete with each other, and the last and interesting mode total online player competition you and players online compete.

I remember those days when I use and enjoy WCC3 0.5 MOD APK. But, This app is also great and reminds our old memories. Fully peacefully app without any age requirement and can be played by the under 18 players to up to over 70 aged players.

Features of Ludo King app

The features for your ludo king app download new and updated version is available right there:-
  • Free to play
  • multiplayer game
  • Online and offline multiplayer
  • Single-player VS Computer (offline)
  • No Internet required if all players are present
  • Play with your Facebook friends
  • Perfect Graphics
  • Emojis available
  • up to 6 player space
  • and a lot more features

Basic Requirements

If you are playing this game with your Facebook friends then an internet connection is required. Talking about android version support 4.1 and the higher android user can play this game. Ludo king app doesn't demand a higher android version for making download.

What's New?

What's a new section for Ludo king app download informs you about the application improvement and upgrades. There is little improvement done to this app like bug fixing and new languages added in settings.

Ludo King app Download

Click the download button to ludo king app download, if download link not working then you can contact us or comment down below. The ludo app link provided below works properly if the android version is higher than 4.1. 

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