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English To Hindi Dictionary App Download - For Android

English To Hindi Dictionary App Download - For Android

English To Hindi Dictionary App Download - For Android

When you are travelling to a foreign country or you are from a different mother tongue and don't know to speak Hindi. The app is all about translation and meanings. It will help you to translate your Hindi in English when you are travelling to foreign countries or it will translate your English to Hindi if you're from a unique or different mother tongue.

English Hindi Dictionary: English To Hindi Dictionary app for android that allows you to translate your unknown terms from Hindi to English and also English to Hindi. It allows you to translate, communicate in Hindi and English Language easily. With an offline dictionary, it provides translation features from Hindi to English and from English to Hindi without Internet Network. Suppose, if you're in the ruler area where there is no network but you will still able to translate your language in Hindi or English.

Above there is the basic introduction of this app explaining English to Hindi dictionary app and it features and where it can be used. With some basic introduction let move to explore there features, what's new in the update, the basic requirement (if present), some cool facts, and download overview of this application that will help you to know more about your English To Hindi Dictionary App Download.


As the introduction is important for the app review, without features of the introduction of the app is Incomplete. It's like a plant with no fruits. Features that you want to know about your English To Hindi Dictionary App:-

  • No Internet connection required
  • Two-way translation (English to Hindi and Hindi To English)
  • Synonyms
  • Backup and Restore
  • History & Study Plan
  • Word Game
  • Auto Suggestion
  • Share Words
  • Voice Search In-Built
  • and more

What's New?

This application is a little bit changed in comparison to the previous version the app has changed and developed these things:-
  • New LOGO & New Design
  • Searching Improved
  • Notification Features
  • OCR is upgraded

Basic Requirements

This application doesn't demand internet connection and the developers of this app don't list basic or minimum requirements of this app but talking about the android version it is required android version 4.0 and higher and other requirements are at the bottom that means you don't need to worry during installation.

Facts about App

Talking about facts they are the basic information of this app. The app was developed by INNOVATIVE-SOFTWARE, the size of the application is just 24 Mb and the app is installed 5,000,000+ times.

Download Overview

English To Hindi Dictionary App helps to translate in both languages and provides meanings and the app doesn't demand high requirements. so, before you download this English Hindi dictionary app makes sure you have 24Mb of storage left and you are connected through your internet.

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