Saturday, 9 May 2020

Download Arogya Setu Mobile app - Indian Health App

Download Arogya Setu Mobile app - Indian Health App

Download Arogya Setu Mobile app - Indian Health App
Want To Download Arogya Setu Mobile App? Don't worry there you will find the latest version of this app. This app is developed by the team of health ministry of Indian Government and developed for securing or alerting their citizens from COVID-19 risks and providing the safety measures that purpose the Indian Government developed the Arogya Setu Mobile App.

Arogya Setu Mobile App

This Mobile App is developed by the government of India to inform about coronavirus and it's a risk, safety measures, and much more about this disease. This is a COVID-19 tracker application by the National Health Ministry. The App aims to augment the initiatives of the Government, Department of Health.

The arogya setu app is a virtual diagnostic centre in your pocket that is going to keep India abreast of the risks of exposure to the coronavirus and enable you to take precautionary measures to protect yourself and all your loved ones. 

Why Install this App?

This app is directly from the government of India and also being developed by the help of the government of India. This is free to use a mobile app that informs about COVID-19 alert and safety measures. This app works with Bluetooth connectivity and enabled location for tracking to identify the possible positive Covid-19 cases. It helps to track the patient of coronavirus through the help of Bluetooth and the location of your device. It alerts you and your family members when you or your family member came near to COVID-19 patient. It helps to stay safe from COronavirus disease and Coronavirus patient and all information provided from this app is directly from the government source and always Arogya Setu Mobile App Provide correct details about Covid-19 disease and patient.

How To Install?

The original and official versions of this app are available on the play store and IOS store to download it from the original source just goto your mobile app store or play store search for Arogya Setu Mobile App click on app link and click on install. After completing your Installation process open this app, App will ask for your location and Bluetooth to be enabled. After enabling your location and Bluetooth your app will start alerting you.

App Compactibility

Every app has some minimum requirements to be fulfilled by being installed on your devices. Without being matched with minimum system requirements the app won't work due to insufficient performance. Talking about minimum system requirements for this app you need the android 5.1 or higher version for android and for IOS you should have IOS 10.3 or later for using it on iPhones, Ipads, or any apple devices.

Download Overview

Download the Arogya Setu Mobile app to being informed about coronavirus and it's risks, preventive measures, safety measures, and more than the app can provide. Match your device system compatibility and Download arogya setu mobile app.

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